Hire or Buy?

Equipment Hire
In an ideal world we would all have our own kit, it would never go wrong and it would last forever. In the real world however this is not the case. There are many considerations when after completing your course you want to go diving and need equipment. For example:

Frequency you want to dive
Type of diving - recreational / technical
Environment in which you dive;
Warm water, holiday only, local diving etc...or a mixture of all.
For junior divers - the fact that you may still be growing
And knowing what and where to buy...ask club members!

As with many sports the cost of owning your own equipment can be expensive - around 1000 and then equipment like cylinders and regulators need regular maintenance, but as with many sports once the initial investment is made your equipment (if looked after) should last many years. If you are looking to dive in a dry suit make sure your have a confined water orientation before going into open water.

The advantages of owning your own equipment :-

It fits! and you configure it for your preferences.
You can go diving when you want, at short notice
Not reliant of hire kit availability and having to adjust it every time you hire it
Your equipment is right for you and your type of diving
You get to know your own equipment and it works the way you want it too
If diving regularly - it's cheaper in the long run!

It is not practical for the club to buy open water equipment. Imagine the size range that would be needed to cater for all the shape and sizes from junior divers aged 12 years upwards...and then the cost of repairing seals, regulator maintenance etc...
As with many sports people start and give-up...there are plenty of places to find second-hand equipment and don't forget to ask club members if they have any kit for sale (we all have stuff we never use!). Again when looking at second-hand equipment don't be afraid of asking club members, this is just one benefit of being in a club - ACCESS to people who know a little...just ASK!

You can buy or hire equipment from Bill Painter (Dive officer).
He has the Below the Surface shop in Hebden Bridge.